When important aspects of our lives are insecure or changing in ways that we cannot control, stressful feelings can build up. Too much stress can leave us feeling anxious and out of control, sapping our confidence and motivation, and, for some of us, spilling out from one area of our lives into others, undermining or relationships with partners, family members, friends or colleagues and making difficult situations even harder to deal with. 


If you are feeling under stress why not try the following test. Based on an NHS screening tool, the test assesses anxiety, a factor commonly associated with stress.



There are things that can be done to help reduce stress. Research has shown that a healthy diet and regular exercise can lift mood, most psychologists believe that a supportive relationship with a trusted partner, family member, friend or colleague will help us to cope and many of us have developed our own ways of dealing with stress that work for us. However, for some, these ways of coping are not available, not working or have ceased to be effective. Under these circumstances it can be useful to consult a qualified counsellor or see your GP.
Counselling offers a confidential and non-judgmental place for people to look at and better understand their situation and to try to build the inner resources needed to make decisive choices and act on them.

Phil Turner MBACP, counsellor and co-founder of Cotswold Talking Therapies